Personal Shopping:
Half Day Package - £275

This will consist of a shopping trip at the destination you have chosen and the day will be tailored specifically for you. It can range from creating a capsule wardrobe, finding outfits for specific occasions and adding key pieces to revamp your existing wardrobe. It is also important to focus on how to dress your shape finding style that compliment you and look at key trends. 

The Half Day Package includes: 

  • A telephone consultation prior to establish what key piece you are looking for from this trip

  • I will arrive 1 hour prior to the trip to research before you arrive 

  • 3 hours of shopping 

  • Refreshments

  • Clients expectations have been met as directed by the brief

Personal Shopping:

Full Day Package - £400

This is a great opportunity if you are wanting to create a new wardrobe and feel confident in your clothes. A bespoke list will be created by you, this list will be tailored to your lifestyle, workwear/casual/smart/occasions. Help create knowledge of how to buy the correct pieces and not make expensive mistakes. 

The Full Day Package Includes:

  • A telephone consultation prior to establish what  key piece you are looking for from this trip

  • I will arrive 1 hour prior to the trip to research before you arrive

  • 6 hours of shopping 

  • Refreshments and a light lunch 

  • Clients expectations have been met as directed by the brief

E-Styling - £60/hour
Minimum 2 hours

Statistics show that 51% of UK consumers prefer to shop online. 

These days evolving lifestyles reduce the time we have to invest in ourselves and the time we spend clothes shopping.

Working all hours, parenting, a change in your body shape or a loss of confidence are just a few examples contributing to our hatred for shopping.

Whether you need a complete wardrobe overhaul, a new holiday edit, an outfit for a special occasion, a pregnancy wardrobe, a post-natal uplift, a lingerie haul or quite simply want to treat yourself and try some new styles I’m here to help.

An online session will include:

  • A questionnaire to outline your aim for the session

  • We will discuss what pieces you are looking for and collate a list

  • I will send links for selected pieces/outfits for you to pursue at your own leisure

  • Organise a date and a time for when I bring the pieces to you

I offer a personal, bespoke service where I want to know each and every one of my clients, their loves, worries and about their image. I will put the fun into your image and shopping experiences

Wardrobe Consultation - £175

It is thought that women wear just 20% of their wardrobe, a wardrobe consultation will change this. We will create outfits from your existing wardrobe, and identify the key pieces that are missing and build a capsule wardrobe from this. We will also look at accessorising your outfits, with jewellery, head pieces and handbags. 

3 Hour Session Includes:

  • A telephone consultation prior to discuss your requirements

  • Documented priority list/store recommendations along with tips for building a capsule wardrobe

  • Body shape analysis 

  • Ways to wear and style existing items ( photographs will be taken for you to refer back )

  • Wardrobe maintenance , storage solutions 

  • Clients expectations have been met 

Wardrobe Detox: 

Half Day £250 / Full Day £500

Is your wardrobe full of clothes that you don't even wear or is it so cluttered you cannot even find what you are looking for? Then a wardrobe detox is what you need! 

This Package Includes:

  • A telephone consultation prior to establish whether you need the full or half day package 

  • Wardrobe Maintenance, storage solutions ( pre purchase coat hangers, storage baskets etc)

  • Must Keep, Replace, Charity & Alteration Pile 

  • If you would like me to sell certain pieces of clothing online I am happy to do so and will take 30% from the sales.

  • Clients expectations have been met as directed by the brief

Maternity / Post-Natal Styling

Hormones in pregnancy is a scary change in itself let alone the physical change to our body. 

From the e-styling to personal shopping package, I can tailor this to you, it is important to be comfortable when you are pregnant. It maybe a  specific occasion you need maternity-wear for, or you are just looking for key maternity pieces either way you will should be glowing and feeling fabulous. 

To get back the feel good factor we will asses your body shape, lifestyle and look and key pieces for you to feel amazing again! The personal styling or  e-styling experience will be a fantastic opportunity for you to revamp your wardrobe and more importantly make you feel good again, we can look at what packages suit you. 

Gift Vouchers

Make someone's day with a gift voucher for any of the services you see on this page, from e-styling to a full day of shopping! 

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Parking and travel charges at 45p/mile applies when travelling outside of a 15 mile radius from Market Rasen, Lincoln.   

For long distance travel, it is £10.00 an hour for time taken to travel.


"My wardrobe was full of clothes that I never wear and now I look at the pieces with fresh eyes. I look forward to choosing an outfit and love looking for new accessories."

—  Ella, London